Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Never Stop Networking

Todd Cohen, a consummate sales executive I met recently through my own networking efforts, talks in his blog about the importance of networking, not just for sales but for everyone.

If you are skilled and comfortable at developing and nurturing relationships in your personal life, then I think you should be able to apply those skills to successful networking.

Todd's site features an excellent guest column from Ford Myers, President of Career Potential. As a career consultant, Ford works with a lot of clients undergoing "career transitions" to help them overcome their fear of networking. 90% of his clients, says Ford, get their next job through their network of professional contacts. Networking is your most important career activity.

There are three points in Ford's article that resonated with me:

• Networking is about giving to the people you talk to, not taking
• The best networkers are good listeners
• Don't take rejection personally (Ford has a great acronym for it -- SWSWSWN!)

There is much more to Ford's column, so I invite you to read it or even sign up for his monthly newsletters.

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