Friday, July 20, 2007

Smart Ways to Use LinkedIn

Many of you have made the comment that you've set up a profile on LinkedIn but that you really haven't learned how to use it effectively. Scott Allen of the LinkedIntelligence blog has some fabulous ideas on how to use LinkedIn. I especially liked the entry on "LinkedIn and Your Job Search".

LinkedIn is a tremendous tool for professional networking. Just today, I used it to network my way into meeting with a key decision maker, just by seeing if one of my LinkedIn contacts knew someone in the company I wanted to learn about. The personal connection I was able to establish made it happen. So, I've been working on building my network of professional contacts on LinkedIn, and I encourage you do it, too. It's an investment.

More effective use of LinkedIn and other online networking tools will be one of the major sub-themes in the Fun with Networking blog. Of course, such online tools are best used as a supplement to real human conversations. So, pick up the phone and call someone today.

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