Friday, August 10, 2007

Conversation on Networking

I had lunch the other day with Steven Smolinsky, a business strategy consultant and one of the two principals of Conversation On Networking. Steve had found me through my PHL Networking directory project, a community-driven directory of Philadelphia networking groups and events. Steve convinced me that the directory should have a "resources" section and that it should list his book. I convinced Steve that the directory was a community-driven and fully editable wiki and that he should feel welcome to add a resource directory listing himself.

Steve and Kay Keenan have built a substantial little side business for themselves, leading seminars on professional networking for groups all around the country. I like how the business evolved out of sheer serendipity: someone asked Kay to chair a panel on networking, and Steve volunteered to be on the panel. All the other panelists cancelled, so Kay and Steve ended up having a conversation on networking. The conversation was a hit, and the rest, as they say, was history.

Serendipity indeed. Steve and I agreed that you never know where your networking will take you or what doors in will open for you. Steve is leading a mini-seminar next week on Networking 101, which I plan to attend. It is hosted by Innovation Philadelphia and being held at the Lucky Strikes bowling alley in Center City.


Anonymous said...

Well Oliver, it was great fun to have Google Alerts send me a note about this nice little posting The thing I find most interesting about networking is how when you take advantage of random meetings you never know where it will lead. Just this past week I received book orders from Australia that happened because of a nice book review in Lilipoh Magazine. And this happened because I'm Board President of Camphill Village Kimberton Hills which happens to get Lilipoh. I wound up talking to the editor about something and next thing I know...great book review.

So I suggest to all your readers the most important thing to remember about networking: everyone is connected. Steve

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Steve. One of my previous posts (July 26 -- "Successful Networking Involves People, Ideas, and Goals") sparked a discussion on the value of "random networking". I can definitely see that this is an area worth revisiting in the future.