Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Help Others Network, and Watch Your Influence Grow

I recently went to my second Purple Cow Brainstorming Circle, and I discovered something interesting: my networking circles are starting to interconnect, and that is making it easier to network.

Clearly, the more you network, the easier it becomes.

Of course, I recognized faces from my first Purple Cow meeting, but it went far beyond that. Some of people from my last meeting had followed up on the recommendations I had made, and they thanked me for helping them make the connections.

I also recognized people I had seen at other recent events (blogPhiladelphia in this case), so it was easy to start up conversations with them.

Several others were people I had coaxed to attend the meeting, and this is the thing I found most remarkable. They became my strongest advocates, introducing me to people at the event that they felt I should meet. Even more importantly, they had told the person all about me and why they thought it was important for them to meet me. It is quite a thrill when someone comes up to you and says "Someone told me I had to talk to you. I'm trying to…"

So, keep networking, and help others network. Helping others make connections will grow your own influence and will pay off in ways that you cannot predict.

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Todd said...

The idea that networking gets easier is very right. I enjoy it and I have found that that makes it easier for others....so, press on!

Todd Cohen