Monday, August 27, 2007

Relationship Networking is a $1 billion Industry

I had a brief conversation with Dr. Janice Presser at a networking event the other day. She was speaking with someone I had met a few weeks earlier, and so we were introduced. When I mentioned that I wrote a blog on networking and that I was putting together a directory of Philadelphia networking groups, Dr. Janice's eyes lit up and she told me that I had to meet Adam Kovitz. True to her word, she sent us both an e-mail the next day introducing us.

Adam publishes a fast-growing newsletter on networking and has recently become the executive director of the Relationship Networking Industry Association (RNIA).

Those of you looking to build up your own professional networks will love The National Networker. It has a global network of "regional bureaus" who cover events and topics of interest to their particular geographic region, regular departments ranging from Art to Sales & Marketing to Legal, and columns by prominent people in the world of professional networking. The National Networker is free and has grown to a readership of tens of thousands in just 3 years.

The RNIA is interesting as it sees the exploding interest in networking as the emergence of a $1 billion industry, one that includes both face-to-face networking groups and online social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Founding members of the RNIA include BNI, Sossoon, and Lillian Bjorseth.

An industry requires an industry association, one that can set standards for excellence, speak for its members common good, and push for interoperability between networking-related technology platforms. A worthy goal.

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