Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Jumpstarting Your Networking with a Newsletter

Great minds think alike. Jason Jacobsohn, in his blog Networking Insight, highlights 10 Ideas to Jump Start Your Relationship Building, and number 4 on his list is to start a newsletter!

I agree: start a newsletter. For both Jason and I it was a "transformative experience," and it might lead you in new and different directions, too. It doesn't have to be a fancy newsletter, just an informative and interesting to read one.

Jason also suggests starting a blog. That is also an excellent idea, but it can also be a much larger time commitment than just doing a quick newsletter every few weeks. Be careful.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for picking up this post. I also agree that starting a blog is definitely a time commitment. I believe that it is worth the time and effort because you can further brand yourself and connect with people who you probably wouldn't have met.

Oliver Picher said...

Thanks, Jason. I've enjoyed your blog tremendously, and your blog roll has led me to some great information about professional networking. It's a great resource.