Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Things to Do Every Day

My networking has led me into some pretty intense consulting engagements, so I haven't had a chance to work up a blog post in the past few days. (It's amazing how all the networking I did over the summer has suddenly started to bear fruit.)

I ran across a hand-out I picked up at one of Steve Smolinsky's Conversation on Networking seminars, and that inspired me to post. These are just some simple little things that you can do to be more successful in your networking. Personally, I've found that the little things make a big difference, so here you go:
  • Think about the new and exciting thing you're going to tell people when they ask, "What's new?" Tell it to everybody, from the bus driver to the boss.

  • Practice listening.

  • Be positive. Try to spend a whole day without once saying anything negative.

  • Change something about your daily routine.

  • Call someone you haven't spoken with in a long time.
These are all excerpts from his book, which I suggest you buy.

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