Monday, November 26, 2007

Future of Philadelphia: It's the Networks

Sunday's Philadelphia Inquirer featured commentary pieces on Great Expectations, an ambitious and much-needed "civic dialog project" on Philadelphia's future. The Inquirer, the University of Pennsylvania, and other organizations spent a year conducting research, publishing stories, and soliciting citizen input. Sunday dealt with the sorry state of Education in the city and the growth of our Knowledge Economy, two sides of the same coin.

The Agenda features a series of actions that the city and the region should take to improve its overall performance, and this item caught my eye:

It's the networks:
Establish more forums where researchers, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders
and financiers can rub elbows and trade ideas.

Well, amen to that!
Over the past few months, I've spoken one-on-one with business leaders, government leaders, entrepreneurs, non-profit executives, and academics. Each and every conversation taught me something new, and I hope that the people I met learned something new from me. One thing I've learned: breakthroughs are a social act. They happen between people, not in the mind.

When you stay within your own, comfortable island of day-to-day connections, you can easily get the mistaken impression that everybody has the same perspective or has the same ideas. Islands of people lead to insular thinking. It is only when you break away and meet new people that you begin seeing new possibilities.

BlogPhiladelphia, held last July, is an excellent example of how a networking forum can stimulate creativity, merely by linking people who worked near each other but had never met. Did you know that Philadelphia is the second "bloggiest" city in the country? That we have more blogs per capita than almost every other city -- more than San Francisco, New York, or Seattle? BlogPhiladelphia brought people together to discuss blogging, the future of Philadelphia, and the future of blogging in Philadelphia. More than five months later, I still hear comments from people that express the connections they made at BlogPhiladelphia: "I didn't know him until BlogPhiladelphia, but since then we've been working together on [insert great project here]," or "I had heard of her through friends for years, but we never met until then."

Imagine if we had similar forums on dozens of other topics, bringing strength to strength and creating connections where none existed before.

Breakthroughs are a social act. If we expect a breakthrough for Philadelphia, we need to be talking together, sharing our vision, sharing our ideas, taking action.

If we expect a breakthrough, Philadelphians ALSO needs to be connecting to people outside of Philadelphia, so that we are competing on the world stage. If we just stay in Philadelphia and talk only to Philadelphians, then we're just creating a slightly larger island for ourselves.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

This Week in Philadelphia (TWIP) for 11/25

I spent the off-hours of the weekend building up the calendar of events for Philadelphia networking, adding a lot of new events and new groups. I'm about halfway through, so it's possible I might do a mid-week TWIP if I find anything new.

I'm also rethinking the information I post to the PBwiki version of the calendar. Posting events to both the Google calendar and to the PBwiki calendar takes too much time, so I am looking to streamline the process. I still like the readability of the PBwiki calendar, so I'm likely to create something that adds value to what is in the Google calendar, but without the extra work. If you have any thoughts on this, let me know.

Here is a summary of networking events in Philadelphia this week. You can find more details on the events in either Google or iCal versions of the calendar.

Monday Nov 26

A Taste of Gloucester Township
5:30pm, The Palace by Paris Caterers, 109 N. Black Horse Pike, Blackwood, New Jersey 08092

Tuesday Nov 27

PICPA -- Forensic and Litigation Services Conference
8:15am, Crowne Plaza Valley Forge, King Of Prussia
Weekly Meeting -- LeTip of Center City Philadelphia
11:30am, Dave and Buster's 325 North Columbus Boulevard Philadelphia
Philly Drupal Meetup
6:30pm, Indy Hall

Wednesday Nov 28

Society for Marketing Professional Services -- Principal's Forum: The Generation Gap - Recruiting and Retaining Young Talent
8am, Union League
4th Annual WolfBlock/Trendlines Israel Venture Conference -- Trendlines
8:45am, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at the offices of WolfBlock
Center City Proprietors Association -- The Sushi Economy Dinner
5:30pm, Old Original Bookbinder’s 125 Walnut Street
Philly IGDA Meeting
7pm, University of Pennsylvania in Levine Hall room 307

Thursday Nov 29

Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs (PICPA) -- Greater Philadelphia Chapter Annual Tax Forum
Springfield Country Club, Springfield PA
BioNJ CFO Forum
8:30am, Technology Centre of New Jersey, 675 U.S. Route 1, North Brunswick, NJ 08902
Independence Business Alliance -- LGBT Business Brown Bag
12noon, William Way Community Center, 1315 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA
GPSEG -- NJ Chapter Holiday Dinner
5:30pm, Tavistock Country Club
MAC Alliance -- MAC Emerging Leaders Happy Hour/Networking Event
6:30pm, Public House at Logan Square

Friday Nov 30

Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs (PICPA) -- Greater Philadelphia Chapter Annual Tax Forum
Springfield Country Club, Springfield PA
8am, Benna’s Cafe, 1236 S. 8th Street, Philadelphia
BioNJ -- New Jersey Regional Commercialization Conference Tech Transfer to Commercialization
8:15am, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL)
GPSEG -- Mergers and Acquisitions: Deal or No Deal CIO Survival Tips
11:30am, Aldo Lamberti
Council For Advancement of Muslim Professionals, 2nd Annual Professionals Networking Gala
7pm, Hyatt Regency Philadelphia at Penn's Landing

Saturday Dec 1

American Society for Training and Development -- Training in a Multicultural Work Environment
9:30am, Strayer University 234 Mall Blvd., Suite G-50 King of Prussia, PA
Baiada Center's Entrepreneurial Breakfast Series -- Business Plan Development Workshop
10am, Baiada Center 3225 Arch Street

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Seize the Idea

One of the great things about networking is that it uncovers opportunities and ideas that you would never have found on your own. I've been amazed at how many consulting engagements I've found while networking, without really looking for them. That's led me to a new Idea that I hope will reshape my career. I also recently read a story that highlights how even the smallest actions can lead to bigger things, if you are open to "Seizing the Idea" when it comes to you.

Last week I shared with many in my networking circle that I was through with dabbling at consulting work while looking for a job, focusing instead on building and growing my consulting business. A lot of companies need help in setting marketing strategy, developing key messages and value propositions, writing white papers and case studies, and developing relationships with potential clients.

In response, Jen Antonio-Lim of the Purple Cow Brainstorming Circle gave me a book that she thought I'd find useful in my quest for sane self-employment: Spare Room Tycoon, by James Chan. (Jen also gave me a "Certificate of Moorit" for my "remarkable creativity and leadership" in leading last month's brainstorming session!)

I found a story in Spare Room Tycoon that I thought I would share, as I think it demonstrates many of the keys to successful networking:

The setup: Mike McGrail had a franchise business that trained executives how to be better leaders. He was scraping by on word-of-mouth referrals from his neighbors, but he desperately needed a breakthrough.

Mike is a religious man, active in his church. He decided to become a lector, one who reads scripture to the congregation, so he signed up for a training course that the church was offering. During a break in the session, all the participants went to the church basement for refreshments. Mike sat down at a table by himself, not thinking much of anything. Then another lector trainee sat down beside him and asked Mike what he did for a living. "I own a management training company," Mike replied, and the man's eyes lit up.

"Here's my card," he said. "Give me a call on Monday morning." …The stranger was general manager of a large company known for caring about its employees, just the kind of company Mike... needed for a breakthrough.

To make a long story short, Mike was hired by the general manager to train an executive, but the big breakthrough was slow in coming. Frustrated, Mike went to the general manager to pitch more work, but the executive tossed a book, Eli Goldratt's The Goal, on the table and explained that he wanted to implement the ideas in this book but was unable to get the people in his company on board.

Mike read the book and returned to the client with a detailed proposal for putting Goldratt's ideas to work in the company.

The client accepted his proposal, a six-month project that involved an immense amount of work. As a result, the client was able to achieve a 50 percent inventory reduction, which had an immediate positive impact on the bottom line.

Note that the breakthrough came because of specific actions on Mike's part:

  • he volunteered his time, in something completely unrelated to his profession
  • he allowed someone to share a table with him
  • he wasn't satisfied with the first bloom of success with the person he met, but kept developing the relationship
  • he responded boldly and imaginatively when his networking smacked him in the face with a new idea

Sunday, November 18, 2007

This Week in Philadelphia (TWIP) for 11-18

With the Thanksgiving holiday, the calendar for Philadelphia networking is relatively quiet this week. Enjoy your holiday, reconnect with your family and friends, and make your plans for next week. You can find the details for all these events on the Calendar of Events for Philadelphia networking, in either Google Calendar or iCal format.

Tuesday Nov 20

LeTip of Center City Philadelphia -- Weekly Meeting
11:30am, Dave and Buster's 325 North Columbus Boulevard Philadelphia
Purple Cow Brainstorming Circle -- Open Mic Nite
6pm, Indy Hall, 32 Strawberry Street
Cabrini College Leader Lecture Series -- Creating and Leading Teams
6:30pm, Cabrini College, The Mansion

Next Week in Philadelphia
Principal's Forum: The Generation Gap - Recruiting and Retaining Young Talent -- Society for Marketing Professional Services
WolfBlock/Trendlines Israel Venture Conference
The Sushi Economy Dinner -- Center City Proprietors Association
Annual Tax Forum -- Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs (PICPA)
MAC Emerging Leaders Happy Hour/Networking Event -- MAC Alliance
Mergers and Acquisitions: Deal or No Deal CIO Survival Tips – GPSEG
Training in a Multicultural Work Environment -- American Society for Training and Development

Friday, November 16, 2007

Bagels and Business: Third Time's the Charm

I wrote last week about how networking relationships really don't start paying off until you meet someone for the third time, and I experienced that first hand this week.

I attended my third Bagels and Business lecture at Cabrini College yesterday. I've gotten to enjoy these meetings a great deal, and I recommend Bagels and Business as a place to network. There is always a guest lecturer, on topics ranging from ethics in the workplace, to jump-starting your business, to writing a business plan. The lectures are only 45 minutes long, but I've found the speakers to be top-notch -- very informative and very knowledgeable about their topics.

The only downside: it starts at 7:30 in the morning. But it is done by 8:30, so you can get on with your day, feeling like you've accomplished something of significance before most people have even had their first cup of coffee.

The room is set up with large, round tables, and there is plenty of time before and after the lecture to network with your table-mates. The meetings draw a diverse crowd, about 40 to 50 people, with a nice mixture of regular attendees and newcomers.

I ended up sitting next to Rhonda Serkes, who has an advertising and graphic design firm called Help Me Rhonda. I had met Rhonda briefly at the LinkedIn Meet & Greet back in July, and we had bumped into each other at least one other time, but this was the first time we had a chance to sit down and talk. It was a great connection.

While we were talking, Rick Simmons of Dinkum Interactive stopped by to say hello to Rhonda. I'd never met Rick, but I had heard a great deal about Dinkum from friends and colleagues. Rick and I started talking, and when I told him about a challenge one of my clients was facing, he gave me some great advice on other people to talk to.

So, third time is the charm with Bagels and Business and with Rhonda. I suppose I'll need to work on meeting Rick a couple of more times now...

(Rhonda, incidentally, will be the speaker at next month's Bagels and Business, comparing the effectiveness of e-mail marketing and direct marketing.)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

TWIP Update for November 14

Had this one set for tomorrow, but it turns out to be today!

PhillyCHI CreativeConnects Joint Happy Hour
Date: Wednesday, November 14, 2007
Time: 5:30PM - 8PM
Place: Alfa Bar, 1709 Walnut Street, Philadelphia 19103

No RSVP Required. Light appetizers and one free drink will be provided courtesy of The BOSS Group.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

This Week in Philadelphia (TWIP) for 11/11

Lots of events coming up this week in Philadelphia. You might notice that the format of the list is a little different this week. I'm experimenting a bit, and the list you see here is pulled directly out of the Google calendar of events for Philadelphia networking that I told you about last Sunday. You can find more details on the events in the Google or the iCal version of the calendar of events for Philadelphia networking, and they should transfer fairly easily into your Google or iCal-compatible calendar.

Tuesday Nov 13

GPSEG -- Conversation on Networking
7:30am, Desmond Hotel/Conference Center, Malvern
Update and upgrade your networking skills in this informal and highly interactive breakfast.
Steve Smolinsky, Conversation on Networking

Sales and Marketing Executives International -- What’s Next in Internet Marketing?
7:30am, Eastern University, The Campolo College of Graduate and Professional Studies
Changes in Internet Marketing You Need to Know. Wonder what is going on with Internet Marketing? What is a Widget? Is video in your future? Should I be blogging? Can Facebook or MindSay help me? Breakfast included; Registration Required.
Rick Simmons, VP Marketing at Dinkum Interactive

BioNJ HR Forum
8am, 100 Southgate Parkway Morristown, N.J. 07962-1997
Reserved for CEOs, CFOs and Human Resource Professionals

LeTip of Center City Philadelphia -- Weekly Meeting
11:30am, Dave and Buster's 325 North Columbus Boulevard Philadelphia

PPRA -- 2007 Gold Medal Luncheon
11:30am, Lincoln Financial Field Chrysler Premier Club Philadelphia, PA
Join us for this annual lunch where we will be honoring the Philadelphia Eagles! Stay tuned for more information!

Cherry Hill Regional Chamber of Commerce -- Power Networking Luncheon
12 noon, Coastline Restaurant, 1240 Brace Road, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
The Power Lunch - Join fellow Chamber members for a new twist to an old event. Individual introductions to all attendees, 3-minute table presentations to others at your table, exclusive 15 sponsor presentation available. 2nd Tuesday of Each month. 12:00pm-1:30pm. Cost: $17. No reservations required.

Bio NJ Business Development Forum
12:30pm, 502 Carnegie Center Princeton, NJ 08540-6241
Reserved for CEOs and Business Development Professionals

EFGP -- What's Next: Building A Successful Internet Company in Today's Business Environment
5:30pm, Bartley Hall Villanova School of Business Villanova, PA
Adam Nash, Senior Director of Product for

Young Professionals Network -- YPN Event at the Adventure Aquarium,
6pm, The Adventure Aquarium Currents Ballroom 1 Aquarium Drive Camden, NJ 08103
Kelly D. Johnston, Vice President of Governmental Affairs at Campbell's Soup Company

CFA Society of Philadelphia -- Networking Happy Hour
6pm, 333 Belrose Lane Radnor, PA 19087 610-293-1000
Join your colleagues from the CFA Society and the financial industry in a casual atmosphere for cocktails and light hors d'oeuvres in Radnor. A great opportunity to catch up and meet new folks from the business. There is no cost to attend and the food is on us! Guests are welcome!

Center City Proprietors Association -- Bet on Center City
6pm, RAE at the Cira Centre
Roll the dice and join us for an evening of high stakes and big winnings. Bet on Center City will feature authentic casino games, professional dealers to show you the ropes, and prizes worthy of doubling down.

Society for Technical Communications -- Behavioral Interviewing Techniques for the Interviewee
6pm, Doubletree Club Philadelphia Northeast

Wednesday Nov 14

ACT -- Philadelphia Advertising & Business Show
Holiday Inn, City Line Philadelphia, PA
The Philadelphia Advertising & Business Show is the longest-running advertising and business show in the Philadelphia region’s history. It’s where buyers come to meet companies that can provide income-producing ideas, services and supplies.

Boost Networking Group -- Boost Morning Meeting
7:30am, The Philadelphia Building 11th Floor Conference Room 1315 Walnut Street Philadelphia PA 19107

Knowledge Management Group of Philadelphia -- Creating and Managing Knowledge in a Virtual World: Perspectives from a librarian and a teacher in Second Life
7:45am, Penn State

Entrepreneurs Forum of Southern New Jersey -- Entrepreneur’s Tech Tools
8am, Riverwinds Community Center 1000 RiverWinds Drive Thorofare, NJ 08086
This month’s EFSNJ topic aims at explaining exactly how small businesses can make excellent use of the wide variety of current technology to grow their business rapidly.

Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs (PICPA) -- Employee Benefit Plans: Hot Topics
8:30am, Penn State Great Valley, Malvern
Department of Labor: Auditing the Auditors Impact of SAS 112 Implementation on Employee Benefit Plans Auditing Issues Regarding Hard to Value Investments & Emerging Issues in Investments.

PRSA -- PRSA Philly Presents Coach Phil Martelli
11:30am, Philadelphia Marriott Philadelphia, PA
St. Joseph's University basketball coach Phil Martelli. He will be discussing his new book, Don't Call Me Coach: A Lesson Plan For Life. Coach Martelli will also be staying afterwards for a book signing. The price of this luncheon includes a copy of the book.

Philadelphia AMA -- Executing a Branded Customer Experience Strategy: Turning Customers into Advocates
11:30am, Maggiano's Little Italy 1201 Filbert Street Philadelphia, PA 19107
This presentation will explore how to implement a differentiated customer experience to dramatically increase your firm’s customer and employee loyalty, creating advocates for your brand.
Ronan Knox, EVP, Forum Corp.

PDMA -- Database Marketing: Identify, Target and Win
11:30am, DoubleTree Guest Suites-Plymouth Meeting 240 Germantown Pike Plymouth Meeting, PA
The PDMA's Database Marketing luncheon program will help you identify, understand, and target your best customers. Get up-to-speed on how to effectively integrate your marketing efforts with information technology and quantitative analysis.
Steve Max, eBusiness Director, Airgas, Inc. David Geisinger, Vice President, Merkle Perry Kahn, Vice President Sales and Business Development, Infolure Rick Pollack, Advanced Analytic Solutions

CFA Society of Philadelphia -- Hedge Funds-Will the Young Survive?
12pm, The Philadelphia Country Club Gladwyne, PA
Over the past five years a number of studies have concluded that newer hedge funds outperform their more seasoned peers in their first three years of existence. Find out the results of the current study and its implications for hedge fund investors.
Dr. Sam Kirschner, Mayer & Hoffman Capital Advisors

The Next Ten Years: Philadelphia Museums -- Society for Marketing Professional Services
5pm, Downtown Club

Women's Regional Business Council -- Women in Green: Promoting the Environment in your Own & Other Spaces
5:30pm, Rembrandt's Philadelphia, PA
Jill Kowalski, Executive Director of the Delaware Valley Green Building Council, will discuss the strides women are making in leading the green environmental movement, and help us learn easy ways to individually promote "green" in our personal and office environments. Price Includes 2 Glasses of Wine and Appetizers.

Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs (PICPA) -- Greater Philadelphia Chapter Successful CPA Candidates Reception & Casino Night
5:30pm, Loews Philadelphia Hotel, Philadelphia
Enjoy a night of complimentary gambling, music, and cuisine as we honor the Chapter's Successful CPA Candidates.

Philadelphia Black Public Relations Society -- Men In PR: Lessons Learned in the Industry
6pm, PECO, 2301 Market Street, 25th Floor (Video Conference Room)
Thursday Nov 15, 2007

NIRI Philadelphia -- Tour of new Bloomberg facility
New York City
Joint meeting with New York Chapter in New York on earnings guidance; tour of new Bloomberg facility

Bagels and Business -- Roadmap to Success: Writing a Business Plan
7:30am, The Mansion at Cabrini College
Adam Moskow, CMC, Entrepreneurial Consulting; Wharton School of Business

Main Line Chamber of Commerce -- CEO Roundtable
7:30am, Main Line Chamber Committee Room, 175 Strafford Avenue, Suite 130, Wayne, PA 19087
The CEO Roundtable program gives owners and principals of Chamber member companies a confidential forum for communication, insight, and support.

Philadelphia Advertising Club -- Mixing It Up with Today's New Media
11:30am, Doubletree Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA
A candid discussion regarding the idea that today's new media is a replacement to traditional media . . . while time has shown that "new and traditional - all have a place in the consumer media mix."
Discussion Participants:
Brad Bernard, Media Director, Harmelin Media Thomas Bosco, Vice President, Video Sales, MySpace Vince Giannini, Vice President, General Manager, MY PHL 17 Brian Krick, Director of Paid Search, Avenue A Razorfish Media Eric Mayberry, Publisher/Managing Director, Metro Philadelphia Newspaper Representative, Major Online Publisher (Yahoo!, AOL, MSN) Marc Brownstein, President, The Brownstein Group

Center City Proprietors Association -- Lunch with the CITY's LEADERS
12pm, Brasserie Perrier 1619 Walnut Street
Anne Ewers, President & CEO, Kimmel Center, Inc.

American Society for Training and Development -- 2nd Annual Technology Showcase
4pm, Bridgewater Marriott 700 Commons Way Bridgewater, NJ 08807
The ASTD E-Learning SIG will be joining the Mid-NJ ASTD Chapter at their 2nd annual Technology Showcase. Learn how leading companies are integrating technology into their HR, Sales, and Training functions

Breakfast Club America -- Cocktail Reception Hosted by Gibbons
Women's Business Development Center -- Finding Your Funding
6pm, Women's Business Development Center, 1315 Walnut Street, Suite 1124
This two-hour workshop will provide valuable information on loans for start-up and existing businesses, including loans, micro-loans, lines of credit, leasing, as well as alternative financing. A panel of lenders from various financial institutions and loan funds will be on hand.

PhillyCHI -- November Happy Hour
6pm, TBD
PANMA -- The Great Web Tools Shootout
6pm, The Holiday Inn 1305 Walnut Street

Friday Nov 16, 2007

Breakfast Event featuring Julie Foudy -- Breakfast Club America
7:45am, Crystal Tea Room 100 Penn Square East

Likemind -- Likemind meet up
8am, Benna’s CafĂ© 1236 S. 8th Street Philadelphia

Saturday Nov 17, 2007

PACS -- Symantec's Security Products
8am, Upper Moreland Middle School
Jody Gibney from Symantec will be speaking about Internet threats and the current Norton products.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Secret to Professional Networking

My friend Todd Cohen, a sales visionary I met earlier this year at a networking seminar, invited me to write about my Dirty Little Secrets of Communications for his growing online sales community, "Everyone is in Sales," according to Todd, and I agree wholeheartedly, with the caution that "Everyone is in Communications" too.

The ideas for this started percolating back when I spoke at Villanova, and I think a lot of what I wrote for Todd's sales community also applies well to those of you interested in professional networking:

People only listen to what's important to them, so talk about what matters to your audience, not about what matters to you. How does this apply to networking? Remember that networking isn't about you -- it's about the people you meet. It's about how you can help them, not the other way around. You have to listen closely to the other person, ask them questions that will help you learn about what they consider important, and then you can respond with your own stories and points of view, but done in a way that speaks to what is important to them.

Repeat your key message three times. There are two ways to apply this to networking. For example, a networking relationship really won't start reaching its full potential until you have connected with a person three times. The first meeting is just a start. Second meeting confirms the connection you felt the first time you met. The third time solidifies it. So, think about your networking as an opportunity to begin longer-term relationships, not just a chance to slip your business card to someone you will never see again.

Of course, repeating a key message three times implies that you have a key message in the first place. A key message is more than just your elevator speech (which is also a good thing to have on the tip of your tongue). A key message is that ONE thing that you want a person to remember after your conversation. For example, I met someone a few months ago (at the same event where I met Todd, actually) who said that she had achieved national recognition for creating "Bring a Fish to Work Day."

That stuck in my brain, and I can still remember it months later.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Best Places to Network Are Often Small and Intimate

Stephen Hobson, who I first encountered guest blogging on Phil Gerbyshak's Make it Great! with Phil Gerbyshak, posted a piece on "Networking -- A Dirty word" where he hit on a key point that I've been telling you for a while: networking doesn't have to be about "networking groups."

I prefer to substitute networking with “relationship building.” Isn’t that what
you’re trying to do anyway? Build personal relationships? ...Last week I
attended my first-ever Akron/Cleveland Bloggers meet-up at a coffee shop. With
the exception of two or three people I previously met, everyone else was a total
stranger. Yet I went because I knew it would be a small, intimate gathering
where all of us would have an opportunity to participate and share tips about
blogging. Instead of rushing around a room frantically passing out business
cards, we drank coffee under leisurely settings, introduced ourselves, shared
tips and had a good time.

While I've met some very interesting people at cocktail-party networking events, I would definitely agree that the networking settings I enjoy most are quiet and give a chance to talk.

I also like attending classes, seminars, and conferences as a place to network. You usually learn something, the people at the class are presumably also interested in the topic to be discussed, it's easy to strike up a conversation with your fellow students, and, if all else fails, you can introduce yourself to the instructor.

There's also something to be said for calling up someone and taking them to lunch. LinkedIn is a great tool for finding friends of friends that you can connect with, especially if you are networking with an idea.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

This Week in Philadelphia (TWIP) for 11/4

This is a busy week in the Calendar of Events for Philadelphia networking. It's going to be busy next week, but you'll get your rest on the week of Thanksgiving. Don't forget about Alex Hillman's social gathering at Indy Hall at 7 pm on Saturday, November 10.

I spent a few hours this weekend creating a Google Calendar for the Calendar of Events for Philadelphia networking. I'm only caught up with the first week in December, but all of November is in the calendar. I'm interested to get your feedback on it -- I want something that people can use to update iCal or Google Calendars, or even subscribe to RSS feeds of the calendar.

Now, to this week in Philadelphia:

Baiada Center's Entrepreneurial Breakfast Series -- “Marketing 101 for Entrepreneurs – Do We Have To Know This?”
6:00 pm

Attend this workshop to learn from real world examples the do's and don'ts to develop an effective marketing focus in the early stage space. Speaker Wade Lee, Director of Business Development, Ternary Software

Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs (PICPA) -- Forensic Accounting: Exposing Fraud and Measuring Loss
4:00 pm to 6:00 pm (Registration at 3:00 pm )

Explore the exciting world of forensic accounting through the study of several spectacular frauds. Network with exhibitors, PICPA members in the forensics community, and area college students, both before the presentation and at a networking reception immediately following the program. Speaker Patrick D. O'Neill, CPA ; Charles P. Elliott, CPA, CPA ; Susan M. Saidens, CPA ; Charles L. Kern, CPA ; David E. Goss, CPA
$40 PICPA Members, $40 Non-Members

LeTip of Center City Philadelphia -- Weekly Meeting
11:30 AM to 1:00 PM

LeTip of Center City Philadelphia meets Tuesdays from 11:31 am to 1:01 pm at Dave and Buster's
Free for guests

PAMPI -- 20th Annual Silent Auction
6:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Our charity for this year’s auction is Project H.O.M.E. The mission of Project H.O.M.E. is to empower adults, children, and families to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty in the Philadelphia area. Their goal is to address the root of homelessness in our area through community driven affordable housing, economic development, in addition to providing access to employment opportunities; education; and health care. Location Moore College of Art & Design 20th Street & The Parkway Philadelphia, PA
$40 per person

Women's Business Forum -- Healing Consciousness
8:00 am to 9:00 am

Dr. DuPree, a surgeon who is focusing her practice on breast cancer care, believes that using a holistic approach to healing a patient is extremely important. It is her position that marrying both holistic therapies with state-of-the-art, leading-edge technology can lead to better outcomes Speaker Dr. Beth DuPree

ACT -- Executive Networking For Marketing Professionals
5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Fred Sherman, the veteran investment radio and TV commentator, will once again be a host-greeter at the ACT executive networking event. Sherman is chief economist for Royal Bank America.

Invite Media -- Amazon Web Services Evangelist Meetup
7:00 PM

Come hang out at the offices of Invite Media in Center City Philadelphia, meet and mingle with others in the area interested in technology, and learn more about Amazon Web Services. Jeff Barr, Amazon's AWS Evangelist, is the featured guest of the evening. Free drinks and food, including barbecue on the roof. Speaker Jeff Barr, Amazon's AWS Evangelist

Building Owners & Managers Institute -- Realcomm's "Intelligent NextGen Buildings: Combining Technology with Improved Building Systems"
8:00 AM

BPG Properties, Ltd. (BPG) will host this seminar on Intelligent Design. This seminar will review the evolution of the "Intelligent Building," describe the components that define these projects, present international case studies, and define the methodology for establishing ROI. The event will include a tour of 1000 Continental, BPG's first intelligent, LEEDR certified Green office building. This seminar is APPROVED for 4 hours of CPD credit by BOMI
$95 before October 31; $115 after October 31

CFA Society of Philadelphia -- 2007 Annual Awards Dinner
5:00 pm to 8:00 pm

The CFA Society of Philadelphia's Annual Awards Dinner honors those members who have completed all three levels of the rigorous CFA program. The members who have elected to receive their Charters from our local society will be recognized at the dinner, which will feature former CFA Institute' Chair, Ted Aronson, as our speaker. As a founding principal of Aronson, + Johnson + Ortiz LP, Ted is an iconoclastic money manager known nationally as respected as a professional who exemplifies true investment leadership. This event is also intended for spouses, partners and significant others who have shown much appreciated support for their candidates during the past few years. New charter recipients and all who have just completed Level III are invited as complimentary guests of the Society. Speaker Ted Aronson, Principal, Aronson Johnson + Ortiz
Admittance for members and guests: $ 50

Philadelphia Human Resources Planning Society (PHRPS) -- 2007 Leadership Forum
8:00 AM

The Philadelphia Human Resources Planning Society (PHRPS) is hosting the “must attend event” of the year – the 2007 Leadership Forum – featuring Susan Scott, guest speaker and internationally known author of Fierce Conversations. Success in business and in life occurs one conversation at a time. “Fierce conversations” are powerful conversations structured to penetrate the surface and address critical issues in an organization thereby improving accountability and serving as an impetus for change and action.
PHRPS Members: $175 Non-members: $250

AAAA Philly Council -- AAAA Philly Council 6th Annual Cannes Lions Advertising Festival Screening
5:30 pm

The AAAA Philly Council will host its 6th Annual Cannes Lions Advertising Festival Screening on Thursday, November 8th at the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia. Co-presented by USA Today, the screening will bring together hundreds of industry professionals to view the winning work of the Cannes Advertising Festival and celebrate the Philadelphia region’s advertising community. The event begins at 5:30 pm with a networking cocktail reception, followed by the screening and dessert.

PhIMA -- Lucky Strike Event
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

PhIMA's second annual Lucky Strike event which is being sponsored by AOL, DrivePM and ValueClick. Last year was a huge success and we are looking forward to record breaking attendance this year! We will be collecting donations in support of Alex’s Lemonade Stand (

Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs (PICPA) -- Greater Philadelphia Chapter ABC's of Networking Luncheon - What You Need to Know: The Mysteries of Career Advancement
12:30 pm - 2:30 pm (Registration at 12:00 noon)

Uncover the unwritten rules of career advancement and develop a strategic plan to realize your career goals. Although the luncheon focuses on networking among women, gentlemen are invited to attend.
$20 PICPA Members, $20 Non-Members

Baiada Center's Entrepreneurial Breakfast Series -- Business Plan Development Workshop
10:00 am

"Product/Service Descriptions" We'll talk about how you determine what the core need is and how you can develop a product that meets the need. Speaker Michele Masterfano

Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs (PICPA) -- Greater Philadelphia Chapter Food Sorter's Day
9:00 am - 12:00 noon (Registration at 9:00 am )

Assist Philabundance in sorting and packing food donations for distribution to the needy. Bring your family, kids, and friends.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

32 More Events Listed for Philadelphia Networking

I updated the calendar of events for Philadelphia networking last night, adding 32 new or updated events. Among the more interesting events:
I'm still mulling over ways to make the calendar of events for Philadelphia networking compatible with iCal. Definitely something I want to do. I just have to figure out the best way to do it. Upcoming? Google Calendar? Something else?