Saturday, December 1, 2007

Fun With Networking Profiled in The National Networker

I noticed a jump in traffic this week, so I went to see why. Ruth Gaitlin's article about me and the Fun With Networking blog was posted to The National Networker. Very cool. I recommend the article highly, and I also think The National Networker and its blog are a good read on networking and social media.

Oliver also has tons of entries that cover great general networking advice, and still other entries where he shares some of his valuable pr and marketing expertise. All of this wonderful information is right there for the taking on For anyone interested in networking in the Philly area, this site is a must have bookmark. For the rest of you who won’t be networking in the Philly area, this site is still a must have bookmark.
Since you're already reading the blog, I suppose you already know about all this.
Incidentally, I met Ruth through Adam Kovitz of the RNIA, who I was introduced to by Dr. Janice, who I met at a networking cocktail event I was invited to by Steve Smolinsky, who read a mention of my blog in a Purple Cow e-mail sent out by Jen Antonio-Lim, who I met at a seminar on salary negotiation by Ford Myers, who I was referred to by Beth Michener, who I met at a PRSA networking event.
I have to give Beth thanks for starting this very long and very successful chain of causality. I got the idea of doing a newsletter from Beth, too, which started me on the path to creating this blog.
Amazing how things work.

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Unknown said...

Oliver - I know exactly what you mean! I've played the "chain of causality game" and am always amazed by the divine order of people and circumstances that have led me to the present moment. This is an exercise in gratitude - and great anticipation for what is yet to unfold.

Kudos to you!