Thursday, December 13, 2007

Proving Your Worth and Personal Branding

To me, professional networking is all about personal branding. That's why I was pleased that Jason Jacobsohn at Networking Insight pointed to this nice post on The 10 Immutable Laws of Personal Branding by Donald Latumahina at LifeOptimizer.

...a brand is a promise of the value people will receive when they use a
product. So, your personal brand is a promise of the value people will receive
when they come to you. A promise gives certainty, and it makes people come again
and again.

Note that this goes far beyond having a good elevator speech. It involves how you live, act, and interact. Your words set the framework for how others see you, but it is your actions that make it real.

All 10 laws are things to pay attention to, but the two that struck me the most:

1. Find your unique value proposition -- What is the value you can offer
that can’t be offered by anyone else? The answer to this question is the
foundation of your personal branding effort.


7. Prove your worth -- While the way you sell yourself is important, the
content is also important. It’s useless to have many people come to you if they
find that the value you offer doesn’t meet their standard. They won’t come
again, or, even worse, they will tell their friends not to come to you. So be
sure to deliver on your promises.

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