Saturday, December 29, 2007

Tips for Productive Networking

While updating the calendar of Philadelphia networking events, I ran across an interesting little post on the "Emerging CPAs" site -- "Tips for Productive Networking," by Phyllis Sisenwine of Powerful Solutions.

As I did in one of my earlier posts, Phyllis counsels people to move beyond the hand-out-business-cards-at-a-cocktail-party networking to start thinking strategically about the sorts of relationships you are building as you network. Her specific advice:

  • Create a Commercial to Introduce Yourself
  • Pair Up with a Buddy
  • Build Relationships
  • Form Strategic Alliances
  • Organize Your Contact Information
  • Nurture Your Network
  • Develop a Positive Attitude

One of the better strategies for handling "networking events" is to pair up with a buddy. Not to hang around with (like you were at an 8th grade dance) but rather to have someone who can sing your praises while you are out singing theirs.

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