Friday, March 14, 2008

How to Introduce Yourself: Asking a Question at Meeting

Guest lecturing at Drexel

I got a chance to watch some master networkers at work yesterday. I attended yesterday's Entrepreneur Breakfast on The Democratization of Entrepreneurship at the Baiada Center for Entrepreneurship at Drexel University (all roads seem to lead to Drexel for me these past few weeks). At the close of the panel, they took questions from the audience. Every single one of the people asking questions first took the opportunity to introduce themselves!

They all told us:
  • their first and last name

  • their company

  • their one-sentence value proposition

  • some even spoke of why they came to the meeting, or commented on the discussion

Only then did they ask their question! I've seen Steve Smolinsky hammer away at teaching people how to introduce yourself, but this is the first time I've ever observed the behavior "in the wild." It was impressive to behold.

Is it the answer you seek, or the visibility? Or both? Don't pass up an opportunity to introduce yourself in a public meeting.

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