Monday, June 23, 2008

Basecamp Business Community Calendar in Philadelphia Business Journal

Peter Key at the Philadelphia Business Journal wrote a piece in this week's PBJ on Mel Baiada and Basecamp Business, of which the regional calendar of events I've been telling you about is just one small (but significant) part.

South Jersey tech entrepreneur Mel Baiada has started a company to develop products aimed at strengthening the area's entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Peter highlights our work with DreamIt Ventures (Basecamp Business is providing a collaborative work environment that allows the entrepreneurs and advisors involved in DreamIt to coordinate their efforts more effectively). He also touches on the community calendar on the MAC Alliance website, which allows people to see and sort through events of interest to entrepreneurs.

Baiada got the idea for BaseCamp Business a few years ago when he realized that most people who start companies have expertise in their chosen field but not in business and that their success often depends upon being able to find the right people to advise them.

"It's very inefficient for the entrepreneurs to garner the knowledge they need," he said.

Baiada intends to have BaseCamp Business develop tools that make it more efficient. But even if it succeeds, he doesn't think the company will change the area overnight or by itself.

"It's going to take five to 10 years to make any dent in the efficiency of the ecosystem and it has to be done collaboratively," he said.

Collaboration is the key.

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