Sunday, December 6, 2009

This Week in Philadelphia (TWIP) for 12-6

There are 88 events in this week's Calendar.  This includes a lot of holiday socials (26 dinner or mixer events), which are a good and relaxed time to meet people.  Even better, there are a number of "joint social" events, where two or more groups join to host a get-together.  These are great for networking, because they bring you in contact with whole new groups of people.

Remember, have your elevator speech ready for when someone asks you, "How are you doing?"  If you answer, "Fine," you are missing an opportunity!  Before you leave your house, come up with a great and engaging story that shows how active, dynamic, and wonderful your life is.  You'll  feel better having a great story to tell and, even more importantly, you will have better and more engaging conversations with the people you meet.

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