Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Let’s Meet Each Other [for Coffee] Halfway

How many times have you wanted to meet someone for a networking breakfast, coffee, or lunch, but you worked or lived so far from each other that you decided to meet on neutral ground, somewhere in-between. “Let's Meet in the middle,” they say.

That’s great, because it makes it easier to get together. But how do you figure out where to meet? Where exactly is “halfway in-between” the two of you? And since neither of you live or work there, what sort of restaurants, coffee shops, or taverns can be used for a meeting place?

Regina Maxwell introduced me to a web site called GeoMidpoint (, You give it two addresses, and it tells you exactly where “halfway in-between” really is. Actually GeoMidpoint gives you the midpoint (as the crow flies) and the route midpoint (as you will drive it).

You can then ask for restaurants and other items of interest in the area. (Bowling and golf are great ways to network. Watching a movie, less so.)

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